Dave and his crew had painted a house . and was highly recommended by our neighbors. Several pluses include obtaining construction parking permits, renting a toilet for the crew, completely managing the painting and scaffolding permits, and providing informed guidance during color selection.

The crew were neat and tidy, masking windows and doors, using drop cloths to minimize clean-up. They were also great with the surface preparation. Their bid was very reasonable and the crew were friendly at all times, even helping with a few bits of clean-up and a small bit of fence repair.

Our immediate neighbor hired Dave to repaint an outside wall, and at least four of our neighbors were so impressed with the work that they spoke to Dave about painting their homes!

The only minor issue was that Dave was so busy that he had to defer our job for about 4 weeks -- but even that wasn't much of a negative as he kept us fully informed of the project that had ours on hold, and made arrangements for toilet and scaffolding while we waited, so that he was ready to begin with us without any additional delay.

If I need a painter, or am asked to recommend one, I will definitely put Pacific Coast Painting and Waterproofing at the top of my list!

Richard H. Redwood City CA

Dave is really cool. He and his team worked tirelessly and did an awesome job. He answered all my questions and provided excellent ideas and solutions. Most definitely, I highly recommend him and will hire him for future projects.

Johnny C. San Francisco CA

First Review - Pacific Coast Painting and Waterproofing is great. Dave and his associates are talented artists who know how to realize your ideas. They're incredibly fast, as well as thorough. Dave worked with us to use the scaffolding from our window installation, which saved us an extra rental fee. Their work is clean and beautiful. You won't find anyone better. If it's ever sunny again, I'll get some photos posted.
Updated Review - Dave and his crew are fine artists who know how to make any building shine. Dave worked with us to reuse the scaffolding that our window company used, which saved us money and time. He provided paint samples and answered our many questions, which made the process much easier. We love their work and you will too.

Mark O. Burlingame CA

Interview a few companies and went with Dave because his solution to my water leakage situation made the most sense. Just finished painting. Crew was nice and detail work. Owner Dave responsive to questions and updates throughout project. Highly recommend and will use again!

P. T. Fairfax CA

I had Pacific Coast Painting and Waterproofing paint my home. They did a beautiful job, they were very easy to work with, and cleaned up completely. Dave Shapiro and his staff were did an excellent job.

Judy I. Belmont CA

We have used pacific coast painting in the past for exterior and interior painting this time Not only did Dave and his team do an outstanding job they did it at super short notice
we needed just one bedroom painted and they did it with the exact same professionalism that they did our exterior

Louise C. Los Altos CA

I admired our neighbor's exterior paint job and found Pacific Coast through their referral. Dave and his crew were professional, friendly, responsible and timely. Everyone on the team was easy to work with and took great care with detail and cleanliness. Just this evening I admired how great and freshly painted our house looks one year after the job. Pacific Coast called unprompted recently to ask if we had touchups for them to complete. I really appreciate this level of commitment to longterm, proactive customer satisfaction. I highly recommend them for exterior paint jobs and will hire them for interior work in the future.

Amy B. Emeryville CA

Our house was in bad need of a paint job. Lots of rotting wood, paint chipping, and lots of cracks all over the place.

My neighbor had their home painted by Dave and referred me. He came by the next day to assess the house and give me a quote.

Scaffolding came up the following week but it rained a bit. After a week, Miguel and Renee came and began fixing up the house. They powerwashed the house, sealed cracks, and got rid of the blemishes. It took 2 weeks which went by really fast and the two of them did an AMAZING job! They were both pleasant, said good morning and were friendly.

Miguel was very kind to make paint color suggestions and asked what colors to use for certain areas like the side door, garage, and front door.

I love the way my house looks and have received compliments from a few neighbors already!

Dave came to the house to see how things were going and came on the final day to make sure everything was done and remove all the garbage from the job.

One thing that I didn't expect is that they had a porto-potty come with them. This in my opinion was pretty awesome because with Covid, I don't really want people inside my house and it was nice to know that they had a clean and convenient place to go.

J. I. Atherton CA

Very congenial, conscientious and experienced pair of workers who Dave entrusted to paint my house. I am very pleased with the results. I could not help but think that with another worker on the job it might have gone faster, but the two guys worked well together and clearly had experience working together - one was agile and was able to easily navigate the somewhat precarious scaffolding and the other handled the tasks closer to the ground and took the time to carefully sand down my weather beaten door before applying primer. Dave and the workers made some excellent suggestions on various aspects of the job.
Dave's price was reasonable, I believe, and was less than another quote I got and there were no extras. Most communications with Dave were by email, and it may take a while to understand his somewhat cryptic writing, but he was responsive. I let him know that I really wanted the scaffolding taken down ASAP after the paint job was finished, and Dave was able to make that happen even though he later informed me that it sometimes can take a few days.
Not sure when my house will need to be re-painted, but I definitely plan on calling Dave when the time comes.

Roy G. Half Moon Bay CA

Dave and his crew are experienced, meticulous, efficient and very pleasant to work with. They repaired dry rot, prepped and painted the entire exterior of our three story home in record time. We are very pleased with the work they did and highly recommend Pacific Coast Painting Co.

Barbara S. American Canyon CA

It's Christmas Eve and a little cat named Charlie has been on a roof for almost a whole day with no way to get down in his own safely. But when the call for help was made, Dave came when NO ONE ELSE would help get Charlie home. Well worth every dollar for his help. If Dave is willing to come and help out in Oakland i know that this speaks volumes to the comment of Dave to his work and value of the work. We can't thank you enough again. As a jewelry make he's got something special heading his way.

Rikki S. Menlo Park CA

I have been working with Dave and his crew to paint the exterior of my house in South San Francisco. He responded quickly and professionally when he provided the proposal. Many other contractors did not bother to respond to my questions or provide a formal professional quote. He was able to work around the rain and also provided me with appropriate paint samples. His crew also cleared away and disposed of plants that were close to the house. Just a few things to wrap up this week. The house looks great. I would recommend him and may use him for future work on my home.

Deborah P. South San Francisco CA

We live a distance away and needed my mom's house painted in SSF. We needed reliable and trustworthy paint contractors, since we could not personally be there. Dave and his team did an excellent job and the house looks so refreshed with new life!

Dave also connected us with Gomez Iron Works to have new railings put on the home. He helped above and beyond by meeting with the contractor to get the porch measured and for the installation.

Vince S. South San Francisco CA

Showed up on time. Dave is knowledgeable and experienced. Once I award contract, will post workmanship and price review.

Mani M. Larkspur CA

Pacific Coast Painting Co. highly recommended. I couldn't of found a better Painting Company. Dave, Dell and his crew were exceptional. Professional, attentive, meticulous and understanding. They painted my house, deck and front door in one week. The finish was beautiful! they even cleaned my windows and screens. A great team ! Thumbs Up for a job well done. Thank you Dave and Team.

Connie F. Oakland CA

I am very pleased with the final outcome and very pleased that I chose to work with Dave over other companies.

My house is 100 years old, redwood, and I've never painted a house before. I interviewed four top rated painting companies listed on Yelp. When I bought my house the inspector told me that the seams needed to be scraped clean and waterproofed. The first three companies told me that the house inspector was not a painting expert and that the seams should be left with a gap and that ladders would be sufficient for my two story house. Dave gave me a very different proposal. He said that leaving a gap was for new construction and that my 100 year old redwood needed to be sealed. He encouraged me to pay for scaffolding, stating that his guys would have all day to prep and would be able to do better work in less time.

Once the painting process started it was immediately obvious that scaffolding was the only way to properly prep my house. The guys arrived every morning at 8 am and spent the entire day scraping left to right, clearing old calk between the planks and marking every nail and bolt with rust spray. My neighbors mentioned to me that they have never seen a paint company prep this way. Dave also offered to purchase the highest quality paint on the market and apply two coats with primer. What was unexpected was that Dave's team went above and beyond by removing wood from the house that was broken or had dry-rot damage. They spent an entire day cutting wood to replace parts of my front railing, which was of non-uniform measurements and they re-nailed and replaced loose shingles in the back. We went through iterations of detailed touch-ups before the two week job was complete.

Eric E. Healdsburg CA

We actually discovered Dave and Pacific Coast Painting through NextDoor.com. and now that we read all the 5 star reviews, of course we wholeheartedly affirm all the best comments many times over. But let me add one more marvelous thing about Dave, Del and his crew....
We have a bird and cat in the house, 2 tortoises in the yard, and a dog that is constantly wanting to go in and out. We allow the cockatiel free to roam the house. Plus, we have 3 nests of baby swallows under the eaves. All the guys were very respectful and also protective of ALL of the critters. Our dog loves them all, and can't wait to go out and get petted. The tortoises never escaped the yard, and the bird never left the house. Oh, and BTW, the exterior of our house is more solid and beautiful than ever.

J. T. Mountain View CA

As someone once said on this Yelp page, what more needs to be said in addition to the other 5 star reviews? Probably not a whole lot more, but I think it's important to take the time to write reviews for those who truly are exceptional. If one does a careful search on Google and Yelp, there really are not that many licensed painters, who have consistently good reviews. I interviewed several, and was most impressed with Dave and trusted him the most. He assured me that he was committed to doing everything right and to my satisfaction. That meant much to me. He was the only contractor, who insisted on sealing all of the vertical decorative trim, and there are many such pieces on the house. I asked other contractors about this, and they informed me that this isn't necessary. Dave later explained to me that it's necessary because water may get behind the decorative pieces and cause dry rot.

Indeed, to find one such as Dave is rare in any profession. Among other things, he is very detail-oriented and is a perfectionist. I recall him having a traveling filing cabinet with him, which he uses to track all of his jobs. Meticulous people are hard to come by. He's very responsive and takes the time to help choose colors. Because I was having trouble choosing the right colors for the house, he brought various colors of paint and put them on the house. Thus, I could be assured of being happy with the colors that were chosen. Dave will paint your place as if it were his own. He has a dedicated foreman and crew that have been with him for many years. They were a pleasure to work with. I was impressed and glad to see that Dave was so involved with the job. I recall opening the door, and there he was applying sealant. I think one has to be that way if one truly cares about what one is doing. While he has been in the business for many years, he hasn't lost his passion for it. This is more than a business to him. He truly cares about his customers, and is committed to making them happy. I can't say that this is true for others in any other profession. Dave is an exemplar of what it means to be a true professional.

Another consideration that I had in mind in hiring Dave's company is that it's capable of performing dry rot repair. Everyone else that I interviewed informed me that this type of work would need to be subcontracted out. I infer that it would cost more to hire a separate company to do this type of work. Fortunately, there was only minimal dry rot repair. As a courtesy, Dave didn't charge me for it. Moreover, he also painted my mailbox and water hose rack as a courtesy. This was a nice touch that I wasn't expecting. They were in need of it and look so much better now.

I highly doubt that you'll ever find anyone as honest, dedicated, and meticulous as Dave. You may think that one is just painting a house, but keep in mind that it's a big project, and it's important that it's done right. The last thing one would want is to have to worry about whether it will be done to one's satisfaction. The other issue is that there really is no practical legal remedy that makes sense in terms of time, cost and effort in the event that one is unhappy with a job. During the entire process, I never felt like I had to worry, which is a relief. The added bonus is that I was privileged to meet an exceptional individual.

Pam S. Woodside CA

Great job by this crew! Repaired some very damaged stucco and even added trim. Spot on color recommendations and they all had their PPE so no concerns at all. Highly recommended.

Michelle G. Novato CA

Very, very happy with my newly-painted exterior by Dave Shapiro and crew of Pacific Coast Painting. After living in my coastal home for 17 years it was in need of paint with a lot of prep work to be done. They did an amazing power wash, scraping of the siding, sealing and prepping all the surfaces. They are extremely quick, had set up the needed scaffolding, cleaned up meticulously each day. Dave is responsive to questions, and got back to me with a quote promptly. When I asked for more color choices than was given in the few sample book palettes, he kindly brought me (2) 1000-swatch wands to pick from, and then had larger 8x10 color samples created of my selects for me to make a final decision. He was flexible with my schedule and fit me in when it worked for both of us.

Now I just go outside and admire the house. I look forward to having them do some interior painting, next on my list of to-dos.

Beth B. Brisbane CA

We LOVED our experience with Pacific Coast Painting. Everything is just great!
We couldn't be happier.

Pacific Coast Painting was first recommended to us by our neighbor, who had them do a lot of work on her house. Her house looked great, so we asked for a recommendation.

Dave, from Pacific Coast Painting, is a really reliable guy, who actually cares about the work his people perform. Anytime we had a question, he called us back. Anytime we had an issue, because maybe we didn't like the color we had selected, or something small needed to be adjusted, he was very receptive and helped us solve the problem. We actually asked them to re-paint several spots, not because of the quality of their work, but because we weren't happy with our color selection.

They were very flexible and easy to work with. They didn't pressure us, or make us feel like we were a burden. They paid particular attention to our windows, and making sure that the house is "sealed" so that we don't get any water intrusion issues. A HUGE plus in our area.

We're happy that we selected Pacific Coast Painting. You can tell the guys know what they're doing, and are true professionals. Their work was performed well, and on time. Not sloppy, not messy. On-time. Very happy. If you're looking for a professional, that has been doing this for a long time.

You've GOT to go with Pacific Coast Painting. Our house is the best looking one on the block! Dave is a small business owner, treats his people well, and his customers better.

As a local home owner, I absolutely plan on using this company for any and all future painting needs.

Iman M. Belvedere CA

Couple months back, Dave and crew did interior of my Linda Mar home. Nothing but praises. Understood right away what needed to be done, plenty of wood rot and other issues.
Finished on time and most important stayed within quote. Anyone that sees this job says looks great. Anyone that has a clear before and after picture "Looks frickin assume"!! Thanks Dave and crew for your hard work.

James R. Portola Valley CA

New paint makes the house look brand new! Working with Dave Shapiro was easy and the crew was thorough. Will keep them in my contacts list.

Shawnna M. Milpitas CA

Dave and his Foreman Dellis did a fantastic job on my home. They are very quick, very meticulous and very clean. Great Customer service - Friendly, accommodating, and responsive.

Compared to my last paint job, the prep work was much more thorough and detailed. Dave, Dellis, and crew are very professional and knowledgeable about the appropriate materials for the climate in the Sunset.

I can't say enough about how great an experience this was compared to my last painter who took forever, left a mess, and stiffed the scaffolding company. Working with Pacific coast was like night and day. You could probably find cheaper companies but it's not worth the headaches.

I would highly recommend Dave, my only advice is to be prepared in advance with your color choices and your ideas on how you want the details painted. They are so busy and efficient that this information is needed quickly. I work full time and couldn't be available to answer questions immediately so I took photos with added notes and left them for Dellis every morning and he took care of everything and instructed.

Brian C. Benicia CA

First Review - Flawless, dependable, and an exemplary experience from Pacific Coast Painting. Dave and his crew just finished the interior of our new abode in Pacifica and what a wonderful job they did invigorating each and every room with meticulous care and professionalism at its best. Very sound, personable and hard working guys are Dave and his team and I genuinely would recommend their services to anyone considering a paint re-vamp. Dave worked on a tight time schedule, but everything was done with little fuss, no drama and our expectations although admittedly high were exceeded upon. The results are beautiful and I am most grateful for a job well done at an honest price by an honest broker and his guys. Highly recommended. I look forward to having the exterior of our new nest in the hills painted something in the near future. Thanks Dave & Co.
Updated Review - No complaints, in fact top marks and many kudos to Dave and his team at Pacific Coast Painting Company. Dave and his guys recently completed our newly purchased home in the hills of Pacifica. They did a wonderful job on the interior, several different paint colors were chosen and with no hassle, no drama or fuss, Dave surpassed our expectations and in a most efficient manner and at a fair price. Very professional from start to finish. I won't be looking any further than Dave and his team when I ask them to paint the exterior of our home sometime in the next few months. Highly recommended, quality, reliable, responsible, an excellent outfit. Thanks Dave and your guys.

Rory L. Rohnert Park CA

We had the exterior of our house painted recently by Dave and his team who did a great job. They were able to figure out how to get the job done even with a pause due to the rain. We were given a selection of paint colors and were able to pick out colors for our front door, exterior, and a stain for our siding shingles. Dave came back out to fix some small issues we noticed after the job was done, so we were happy that he was committed to ensuring our complete satisfaction.

Sylvia G. Martinez CA

Pacifica Coast Painting painted our 5 unit plaza and I was extremely impressed with the results. Not only did they do a fantastic job, but the crew was professional, the price was very reasonable, the work was done exactly on the time line that was communicated to me upfront, and the quality of workmanship is top notch. I'd definitely recommend this company to anyone, especially for projects on the coast as they understand what's needed to ensure long lasting results. Great work PCP, I'm thrilled with your work!

Karrie S. Mill Valley CA

Excellent and professional job. Exterior prep was thorough. Very good customer service and excellent, neat work. Very tidy and prompt.

Carol M. Corte Madera CA

Dave Shapiro at Pacific Coast Painting did a spectacular job on the exterior of our house. Dave and his team were super efficient, and were super friendly to boot. When the paint store mistakenly sold the wrong color to Dave, he fixed the issue directly. When we asked for some additional trim work, Dave gave us a revised estimate and completed the work on schedule. I recommend Pacific Coast Painting highly and without reservation.

Bob P. San Bruno CA

Dave and team did a great job prepping, sealing and re-painting my house here in Pacifica. These guys are experts at sealing everything to protect against the sea air and also did a great job replacing and patching quite a bit of dry rot on my railing and around the windows. Very impressed with their expertise and highly recommend Pacific Coast Painting. Laid back and very easy to work with.

Matt L. Cupertino CA

Dave and his crew far exceeded my expectations. We have a 100+ year old house in San Francisco with chronic water leaks on the south facing windows. We had numerous professionals come out to try to patch the leaks but none were successful.......until Dave that is. They were diligent, thorough and took a lot of time to completely resolve the issue......he is truly the leak guru. Moreover, they did a great job painting the house and went the extra mile to touch up a bunch of areas that weren't covered in the original estimate at no extra charge. If all service providers were this skilled and professional we'd all be a lot happier. Thanks Dave for all your hard work. Couldn't recommend him more highly.

R. T. St. Helena CA

Pacific Coast Painting/Dave Shapiro & his team did a fantastic job!!! Professional work, attention to detail and timely project completion.

Patty A. Hillsborough CA

First Review - Dave and his crew are AWESOME!! We were moving from Boston to Pacifica and had an insane schedule and modest budget for painting the interior of our new condo. Dave and his team showed up on time and as far as I am concerned, worked miracles on my property. They were precise, perfectionists, extremely professional and very pleasant to work with. They finished on time and on budget and our home is looking good thanks to Dave and the guys! I would not hesitate to recommend Pacific Coast Painting to anyone who wants high quality work on their home or business!
Updated Review - Yet once again, Dave and his crew have come through for me and my wife. When we first moved into our new home in May, Dave was able to complete the initial painting work on a tight budget and an even tighter schedule. His work was awesome, completed on time and completed on budget!

Recently, we needed Dave to come back and complete some patching and touch-up work that was the result of other contractor's projects in our house. Dave's guys showed up on time, worked miracles on our walls and ceilings, and our house is now back to where it was when Dave first finished his work. Pacific Coast Painting is my "GO TO" painting contractor no matter the size or schedule for the job! They are AWESOME!

Jack B. Daly City CA

We really couldn't have been happier with Dave, his team and their work.

When we finally closed on our home in Pacifica, we only had a week before our move-in date to remove/repair some walls and have the entire interior painted. We hired a separate contractor for the wall work, gave Dave his phone number, and from that point on we didn't have to worry about a thing. He worked with the contractor to plan the entire undertaking, had his team out there at the appropriate times throughout the process to make the work go super seamlessly, even recommended a stellar dry wall guy to do the patch up work needed on the walls.

The paint job was perfect and we arrived to a clean house a day after he finished. Wonderful experience. We can't wait to hire them again to do the exterior!

Heather W. Pleasanton CA

We had Dave and his team do our exterior painting a few months back , couldnt have been more happy, they were so professional and helpful.
helped with colur selections and left the place immaculate when finished
We were so happy we booked them to do our interior we had to wait a few months because they were booked but it was worth the wait it feels like brand new home their attention to detail and professionalism is second to none

Louise C. Brentwood CA

Dependable, honest, straightforward, excellent work, and everything else good that you can think of. I've had family members hire a painter and they didn't do enough prep work and paint started chipping off within a few years. I don't know what's going to happen with our exterior paint yet, but I'm pretty confident that with all prep work that they did before painting, will make this paint job last for many years. Dave is someone you can trust. Not like some other 5 star yelp painter that I dealt with before Dave.

Peter L. Hercules CA

Pacific Coast Painting.....WOW, They are the BEST!!!
Dave Shapiro the owner is as honest as they get. You won't find a better painting company, on time, great price, over delivered on the quality workmanship, people on site and everything they did to make my house on Potrero Hill beautiful.

I highly recommend Pacific Coast Painting in everyway with small or big jobs, interior or exterior as you won't find a better painting company that will work with you on colors, styling and budget.

In all my 27 years living in San Francisco, I highly recommend Dave Shapiro and Pacific Coast Painting as I am happy to be their customer and write this review.

You will too so call them (Pacific Coast Painting) today!!!

Johnny D. San Francisco CA

I've been working with Dave since last year at my rental property, there was an aggravating leak into one of the units and we could not figure it out. Dave has been there with me troubleshooting and trying to figure out the problem.

I can't say enough about the service I have received from Dave. He is always available when I have a question for him and the paint job he did on my house was top rate. He is honest and straightforward. We don't get down to see our rental very often but the other day we drove by and were so pleasantly surprised when we saw the beautiful job his company did on our house. It looks beautiful and he also added special touches that I would not have thought to do. I would definitely recommend Dave and his crew to anyone and the price, well I don't know what the going rate is for painting and waterproofing but I feel it was a fair price.

If you need an honest and reliable painter Dave Shapiro at Pacific Coast Painting and Waterproofing is your man.

Lisa M. Concord CA

I called Pacific Coast Painting and Dave came out immediately to give me an estimate. We walked around the house and he described the preparation, waterproofing and painting of my home. He presented a detailed estimate and Rene and Miguel soon began work. They were wonderful-covering all the windows and the deck and patio. The house was not in good shape which resulted in a lot of preparation which they did meticulously. Both Dave and his crew were patient with my many questions. Dave made sure that any concerns were addressed and solved...and they helped me choose a beautiful paint color. They left the work site neat and clean. Also, they replaced a number of dry rot areas and installed all new vents at no extra charge!

Joy J. Petaluma CA

My little house has never been so beautifully prepped and painted. Thank you Dave and crew! These guys went over every inch of my home - scraping, sanding , filling cracks, caulking grooves. Each and every nail head on my cedar siding was coated with a rust preventative before they painted. No detail escaped Dave's crew! These guys do thorough, meticulous work and are an absolute pleasure to work with. My house finally received the paint job I have always wanted it to have. Thank you Dave and crew!

Peggy O. Alameda CA

Dave Shapiro and his team at Pacific Coast Painting and Waterproofing made my home look even better than I thought imaginable!

My home had not been properly painted in years - paint was peeling, and wood was rotting. I knew I needed someone who was experienced and would do the job right. I was looking for a one stop shop that would do it all - Dave is an experienced contractor as well. I had interviewed other painters, but after talking to Dave, I knew he was the one. During the estimate he was very meticulous, pointing out areas that needed repair. He listened to my concerns and answered all my questions. I had gotten estimates in the same price range or lower, but they did not include all the work that needed to be done. The written proposal covered everything we discussed and the price was very fair. In fact, I think it was a great value for the exceptional quality of work.

The entire process was seamless. Dave is very organized and everything went like clockwork. Del, the foreman, and his team were great. They arrived the same time every morning and left the worksite spotless every day. The entire job was brushed and rolled - no airless spraying. Del is a craftsman and a perfectionist. He rebuilt one of my shutters and the wooden box that holds my electrical meter. The shutter he built matches the other one perfectly. My home also needed some stucco work to blend in spots where insulation had been blown in and where a shelf on the front of my home was removed. All were beautifully blended.

The only hold ups were MY fault because my original color choices were not working out as I had hoped. Del and Dave had infinite patience with me through it all. They gave me great advice. The colors are PERFECT for my Daly City mid-century home. I have gotten numerous comments from my neighbors and passers-by on how great my house looks.

I unconditionally recommend Pacific Coast Painting and Waterproofing - with zero complaints and rated A+ by the BBB. Having been in business since 1978, Dave knows his stuff. I will use them again when I need some interior work done.

Pacific Coast Painting and Waterproofing did a remarkable job on the exterior of my Daly City home. I'm sure it will last for years to come.

Anita R. Daly City CA

Dave and his team did a great job on our house. They were very professional, worked quickly and cleaned up after themselves. Dave made good suggestions on painting colors and what parts of the house to paint which color. We went with his suggestions and it turned out great. We've gotten lots of compliments from our neighbors. We have a couple dogs too and they didn't mind having them around. I'd highly recommend Pacific Coast and would use them again.

SJ. Walnut Creek CA

Dave's team came in during our remodel and did a great job with the interior and exterior of our home. We wanted something special with the home color and Dave was very patient as we refined or color choice. The results were better than expected. It's been 3 years since the painting was done and there is not a flaw in it. His team was very courteous and professional, they did not leave any messes behind and the extra paint for future touch ups was left in cleaned containers labeled with the color name and number for future reference.

Rus A. Berkeley CA

Dave was quick to get back to us and was able to fit us in immediately. He kept us up to date on what he and his team were doing day to day via email. We had a ton of dry rot and he was able to remove the bad wood along the roof and the back of our house. The paint job was stellar and looks amazing. We would definitely recommend Pacific Coast Painting to any friend.

Mel M. Pinole CA

Pacific Coast Painting & Waterproofing is the best! I found them on Yelp when I needed professionals to paint the interiors of my house, the exterior windows, and a backyard patio. Because this was a big project, I got quotes from several Bay Area companies. Dave Shapiro, owner of Pacific Coast Painting & Waterproofing, met with me right away. He worked with me on my budget and gave me a very reasonable price. While I could have gone to cheaper competitors, I knew I would not have gotten the excellent workmanship, attention to detail, and beautiful results that I ultimately received. Plus, the company is licensed and insured, which were major priorities for me. Dave and his dedicated employees were amazing to work with! They genuinely cared about getting the job done right. They did lots of preparation work and were neat, organized and fast when it came to painting. Based on this company's stellar record, reputation, and my great experience with them, I highly recommend Dave Shapiro and Pacific Coast Painting & Waterproofing.

Judy W. San Mateo CA

Dave's team painted a vacant unit and the exterior of a recently acquired apartment building (check it out - 1069 Capp St, San Francisco; colors by Boor Bridges Architects) for us. From start to finish, he was extremely flexible in helping us achieve our goals. In working around the weather, coordinating around other work going on, and handling the typical job anomalies, Dave did what we needed done and left us with a job well done.

Andrew S. San Francisco CA

It's been 2 weeks since the guys finished, and I am still excited to come down the street and see the house. I love it! Miguel and Rene did great prep work (as mentioned in other posts). They were consistent on their arrival in the morning and leaving at night--seriously like clockwork. When they left each day, they followed the mantra "leave it better than you found it." I loved the power washing. I hecka love the fact that they hand painted for us...you got to with stucco! I am grateful for them adding the new down spout. They did a great job on staining the deck. A big "thank you" to Miguel for the house numbers! Oh! And, I have a dog, so I am very grateful to Pacific Coast Painting for closing the gates each day. A "thank you" to Dave for his willingness to talk through the "trim" options with me. The compliments about the house keep coming from the neighbors and friends. We have Pacific Coast Painting to thank.

Julie W. Sonoma CA

This company already has 5 stars; so, I don't know what else I should add to this Yelp site. But, just precisely I want to tell you my own experience with Dave. My house's siding was problematic. After the Dave's team completed painting, the side kept having many bubbles because of the west sun's intense heat. In the beginning, he promised that he would re-paint until all the bubbles are gone. He kept the promise. His team came back to my house at least 5 times until no bubbles came back to the side of the house. I have no problem recommending this company to you.

Honest R. Pittsburg CA

I am very satisfied with the work done by Pacific Coast Painting Co. who painted the interior and exterior of our house. Dave Shapiro, the owner of the company, gave us a very competitive bid with the other companies who we asked for an estimate. Dave is a perfectionist, and improved things in this almost 50 year old house that no previous painter ever did. His crew
was efficient, neat, prompt, very nice guys and a pleasure to have around. They were willing to do some extra things above and beyond the usual expectations of a painting
crew. . The difference between them and any number of painters is their friendly, positive attitude, excellent workmanship, and attention to detail. Dave kept in touch by e-mail if
there were any questions or changes. They cleaned up everyday, and there are no spills anywhere. They even washed the windows before they left. I highly recommend them and would hire them again.

They have an A+ rating and no complaints from the Better Business Bureau during 35 years in business , and no complaints on Angie's list or Yelp. They get an A+ from me, too.

Judy T. Hayward CA

We had built a beautiful custom Victorian-style home with a lot of detail on a ridge above Pacifica back in 1991, but had never repainted the exterior. We contacted Dave at Pacific Coast Painting and he provided us with an estimate and stuck to this. His crew was professional, friendly, arrived early every day -- and what attention to detail! After scaffolding was placed, the crew spent a lot of time preparing the redwood siding, trim, and detail, scraping, sanding, priming, and caulking; just a fantastic first-class prep job. Dave has experience with Victorian houses in San Francisco and was patient, assisting with choices of colors (Bob Buckner color scheme), and repairs where needed. The final result is just beautiful; way beyond our expectation. He even took the extra steps of painting the visible section of the cement foundation to match the color scheme. People driving by regularly stop their cars in front of the home, and mention how fantastic the home looks. I dutifully thank them, take credit (of course), but Pacific Coast really deserves the accolades as it was all due to their hard work. We are extremely pleased and give Dave and his crew our highest recommendation.

DL H. Pacifica CA

We've used Dave for over 20 years on various painting projects, both interior and exterior. He just finished painting the outside of our house and we couldn't be happier. He and his crew are meticulous with their prep work, power washing, caulking, taping, removing dry rot. Dave gave us a fair price was on time and on budget, no surprises. Our house is 33 years old and looks like new. If you want quality work with lasting results, I highly recommend Pacific Coast Painting.

Denise D. Vallejo CA

Our two story Pacifica home still had the original paint from when it was built in 1980. Needless to say, it needed a lot of work. Several of the corners of the wood siding had weathered away. The nails had rusted through in several places. One of the windows we installed ourselves needed a frame, and the chimney needed attention. The redwood decks were dry an gray, having never received stain or finish. Dave was very helpful, carefully paying attention to every detail, making sure his crew did not cut corners, and helping select the colors and stain. The bid was the highest received, but was competitive and comprehensive, reflecting the detailed scope of work necessary to properly prepare, paint and protect our coastal home from exposure to salt air and maritime effects. The work was done very well and for a fair price. Many neighbors and passer-bys commented on the high quality work and the resulting beauty of our home. With Pacific Coast Painting, you can't go wrong.

Beth K. Pacifica CA

Dave and crew did an excellent job on an exterior paint job. Started when they said they would and finished in a very timely manner. Weather delayed a day but they even found things to do that day. The punch list was very short with five minor items that were taken care of promptly. Nice crew and Del was a good leader. Always friendly and waiting to start work early each morning. You can't go wrong with this company.

Steve R. San Jose CA

Dave and his team did a superb job with painting the exterior of our home. When I called Dave, he responded immediately and was easy to communicate with during the entire process. He was very customer oriented and was understanding and flexible. In addition to doing an excellent, detailed job, Dave's team was extremely professional, thorough and quick. Their work was meticulous and they took care in making sure everything was complete and cleaned up upon completion. In summary, Dave and his team followed through with what they committed to do and exceeded our expectations. I will definitely use him for future work and recommend him highly.

Amy S. Orinda CA

We needed our old house in SSF painted and called Pacific Coast Painting. I was looking for a company that would take the time to do it right, not just "spray and go" like so many other painters. The house has the original siding so needed a lot of caulking and some dry rot repairs. The paint was peeling and it was in terrible shape. Dave's team came in and knew exactly what to do. They did a lot of prep work and did a beautiful job painting. Everyone in the neighborhood has commented on the nice job they did. They were here everyday on time and worked hard to make things right. I would highly recommend Pacific Coast Painting!

Rose M. South San Francisco CA

Excellent in every way. Dave, Del and the crew are master painters and we are so happy with their high-quality exterior paint work.

They say that that 90% of a good paint job is prep, so we were delighted to see the thorough work the crew did before the painting began. They were also very professional and did their work quickly and cleanly. Both Dave and Del are so kind and responsive, and answer all your millions of questions with a smile. Thanks, guys!

Athena H. Danville CA

Dave and the crew from Pacific Coast Painting did a great job repainting the exterior and re-staining the decks of our house in Pacifica. Dave's bid was the most comprehensive and very competitive. With coastal Summer fog, work didn't start until mid-September (as Dave had warned me in March!): scaffolding went up 9/13 and work was completed on 10/2. Painting is all about the prep work -- Dave knows it and his guys spent a lot of time and effort scraping and power washing and thoroughly caulking around all windows and joints before the primer coat went on. They replaced T-111 and window trim as needed and repaired dry rot where they found it. Shout out to Dell for great work! We have some areas prone to leaks and Dave spent extra time working on those. When the rains come, I know I can call him if there are any leaks. The house and decks look great and I know the house is well protected against the coming Winter storms.

P. H. Pacifica CA

Dave and his team did an excellent job in painting the exterior of our house. We contacted the company back in April and waited until August before the job got started. It is definitely worth the wait. The team was very meticulous in prepping, painting and cleaning up throughout the project. They did not cut corners. During the course of the project, we discovered dry rot in our deck and required repair and replacement of the poles. Dave and his painter worked on Labor Day holiday to help us repair the deck so our project can be finished on time. It was a tough job because we lived on the hillside and scaffolding was required. The paint job was very thorough. We got one primer, 2 finished coating and Dave used quality paint on our house. Due to the one primer and 2 finished coating, the paint looks rich and plush which will last for years. Dave and his team were very responsive, professional and took pride in their work. We lived in this house for 30 years and had painted the house a couple times by other companies and to me this is by far the best painting experience and results we have had. I am very satisfied and would recommend Dave to others who want quality painting in the old fashioned way.

Simon W. Santa Clara CA

Perfection from start to finish. Professional, meticulous, diligent, easy to work with Dave and his crew really care about doing a PERFECT job. They are knowledgeable quick and patient.
Outstanding job. My home looks beautiful. This paint will last a very long time

Dee S. Los Gatos CA

We are very happy with Pacific Coast Painting. Dave Shapiro and his crew do excellent work. They were punctual, knowledgeable, responsive, and very clean. The exterior house looks amazing thanks to them. No need to shop around, just hire Dave and you won't be disappointed. They get 5 stars and more...

Lisa T. Cotati CA

Over the years i have hired several painting contractors. Bill and his staff are by far the best. Their attention to detail is excellent and they were outstanding on the prep work. They did the complete exterior of my home plus guest house in 9 work days. Bill is on top of the project and displayed the highest level of integrity. He stuck to his bid even though there were some changes he didn't try to come back for a price increase like so many contractors do. Going forward he and his company will be my only painting contractor.

Carl S. Sunnyvale CA

Job Well Done!!!
Dave and his experienced crew of Miguel and Rene did a great job in painting our house. They prepared, caulked, and primed the surface areas before adding two coats of deluxe paint. They also replaced the rotted wood areas with new surfaces. We also had them put up a bird barrier on one the house beam. Workers were punctual and tidied each day before leaving. House looks great.

M. D. Campbell CA

Dave and crew were great. He provided the specifics in the contract and answered my many questions on timing and details. They spend a lot of time on prep and repaired and sealed well. The job went smoothly with good oversight by Dave and foreman. It was nice to hire a local business, and the positive reviews were true.

Bonnie M. Union City CA

Dave has done a number of jobs for me over the years. He is a perfectionist and always does quality work at a reasonable price.

Denny M East Palo Alto CA

Very professional, accommodating, and their customer service is extraordinary. We are getting so many compliments from our neighbors and friends. By far, Dave is the best! Do not look any further. If you are reading this message, you have the best painter to hire.
Dave and his crew are exceptional. They go beyond the call of duty to make sure that everything is tied together and the project is complete. We have not seen this level of service from any of the contractors we had in the past (and we have had many). Here is the important part: these guys do everything they say then more. Words cannot express the joy that my wife and I had working with Pacific Coast Painting. I recommended Dave to the neighbors and our HOA.
Thank you, thank you, and thank you very much Dave!!!

Kevin and Cindy San Francisco, CA

Dave and his team did a superb job with painting the exterior of our home. When I called Dave, he responded immediately and was easy to communicate with during the entire process. He was very customer oriented and was understanding and flexible. In addition to doing an excellent, detailed job, Dave's team was extremely professional, thorough and quick. Their work was meticulous and they took care in making sure everything was complete and cleaned up upon completion. In summary, Dave and his team followed through with what they committed to do and exceeded our expectations. I will definitely use him for future work and recommend him highly.

Mike S. Antioch CA

Dave and his team did an awesome job on our Victorian building in San Francisco. He was really easy to work with and was very responsive to email and phone calls. His right-hand man was always around and able to answer questions too. The work they did was great. Our place was in bad shape from years of neglect and they sanded it well and did lots of prep work. They also spent a lot of time with detail work on the front and it looks fantastic!! The price was really reasonable considering all the work that needed to be done. I would recommend this company to anyone!!

M. G. San Francisco CA

Pacific Coast Painting and Waterproofing are the BEST. They painted the exterior of my home and did the best job I could ask for. They went above and beyond what I had contracted for. I would recommend them (and have) to everyone.

Peggy S. Los Altos Hills CA

I'm not one to sit down and write a review (this being my first) but felt compelled to do so. Dave and his crew are extremely deserving of this review!! I recently had my one story house and decks painted. I just want to mention Dave the owner pitches in when needed! Unheard of these days. This is the company to hire. They are so consciousness, hard working and detail orientated. This company takes pride in their work! He cares! I'm so glad to know an awesome painter!

Tammy K. San Carlos CA

Dave and his crew have been painting (and repairing) my Daly City home for almost twenty years and you couldn't ask for a better job. Professional, knowledgeable, good price, great clean-up, etc. Well worth a call!

Bernie F. Daly City CA

Dave's expert stucco repair and waterproofing helped save us from re-stuccoing our entire back wall. Several homes in our development , built in the 70's, have had to replace entire walls due to inferior stucco. Dave's team repaired every crack, primed and did a super tight job to prevent any further damage. It's still holding tight after several years. They're quick, neat, respectful, and reasonably priced. I wouldn't use anyone else.

Kristin M. Belmont CA

If you want things done professionally, and will last, contact Dave at Pacific Coast Painting. We had the exterior of our home painted in June of 2010 and it has held up nicely, even in a dramatic California environment like Pacifica. Dave and his team were professional and Dave himself has over 20 years of experience. I would recommend Pacific Coast Painting over some of the other local "spray and go" company's as Pacific Coast Painting takes the right amount of time to do it right.

C. V. Pacifica CA

I used to manage a large storage facility on Rollins rd in Burlingame and when water started leaking in the building, we knew the problem was beyond our own abilities. The owner of the property charged me with the process of obtaining estimates and bids, then doing my homework on the companies.

I should point out that the estimates we received ranged between $15,000 and $117,000, which is a HUGE spread... I must have interviewed 15 contractors before we finally settled on Dave and his crew at Pacific Coast. Dave's price was fair, but what really sold me on Dave was the fact that he actually took some time and looked into our project before quoting us a rate. This gave me confidence that his price was real, and not just some inflated "lets bend these guys over and keep the rest" mark up type deal.

My first impression of Dave was interesting, but then quickly turned VERY GOOD! Here is the deal with Dave.... He gets in there and DOES THE WORK. Sure, he has his team of guys (and it's a solid team), but Dave signs off on all the work. In our case, Dave actually came back during the rainy season to ensure the work he had done was holding up to everyone's expectations. Good news: it was.

When I have future painting needs, I will be using Dave... no questions. If you want to know more, feel free to private message me. This guy is good, but more importantly HE IS HONEST!!

Justin B. Burlingame CA

We had Dave and his crew paint the exterior of our Pacifica home. He is extremely knowledgeable about what works in our type of weather and coordinated some minor repairs before the job started. Not only did the house look great (neighbors came by and complimented us!) but his crew was polite, receptive, neat and cleaned up after each day's work. Highly recommended...in fact we will ask him to come every couple of years to help maintain our home.

Eleanor R. Pacifica CA