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Is it Better to Spray or Roll Paint on Stucco in Daly City, CA? Do You Need to Wash & Prime First?

A popular interior and exterior finish for homes is stucco, which is created by layering a cement and plaster compound, leaving it with a rough in its appearance. Stucco is rather low maintenance when compared to other options. The stuccos appearance diminishes, like all finishes, over time with normal wear and tear. Deciding to improve…

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Exterior Painting Preparation Tips in Pacifica, CA; How to Prepare for Professional Painters, Repaint a Stucco House & More

Where hiring a professional is involved, there are many elements to a home’s maintenance needs that homeowners have questions about. To ensure the maintenance needs are not only met but are done well most homeowners want to protect their long-term investment. Such as exterior painting of your home’s involvement, we know there are many questions…

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Exterior Painting FAQ in San Francisco, CA; How Often to Paint Your House Exterior, Do You Have to Wash Before & More

Many homeowners can have a lot of questions when it concerns various aspects of their home’s maintenance needs, especially when you commission a professional. Since your home is a long-term investment, it is essential the services are done efficiently. For the overall condition, longevity, and aesthetics it is important that you give your home the…

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