How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger with Light Paint Colors in Burlingame, CA

When you have a small bathroom, most people will do anything to make it feel larger. There are some fairly simple ways that paint can have a big impact on the way your small bathroom feels. By choosing the right colors and the right techniques, you will notice a huge difference in the way it not only feels, but looks. Pacific Coast Painting & Waterproofing Co is here to share some painting tips for your small bathroom to help make it feel larger.

Best Paint Colors for Small Bathrooms with No Natural Light

The biggest tip that you need to remember when choosing the paint for your small bathroom is light. Bright, light paint colors are going to have a big impact on your space. Some people believe that white is the only color you should use when painting a small bathroom, but there are several colors that can make the space feel just as bright and spacious. When you choose light colors, it will help augment the effect of natural light and naturally make the space feel lighter and brighter. Choose shades of cream, light blue, grey, light pink and more to make your bathroom feel large.

Vertical or Horizontal Striped Bathroom Walls

If you need your bathroom to feel larger, you can use horizontal stripes to give the illusion of a wider room. Likewise, when you want the ceiling to feel higher use vertical stripes. Stripes can really help you out when you choose to paint them on your walls.

Paint Bathroom Ceiling Too

If your bathroom is small and feels closed in, you shouldn’t leave the ceiling white. You should have the ceiling the same color as the walls so that you line of vision doesn’t naturally stop where the wall meets the ceiling. This will also play a trick on your eyes and make the room feel bigger.

Painting Doors & Trim Lighter Paint Colors

Even when you choose a light color for the walls, but don’t forget about the molding, windows and the door. You should paint these surfaces even lighter than the walls so that there is a difference in color.

Painting Walls Different Colors in the Same Bathroom

You don’t have to have only one color throughout your bathroom, but you should stay within the same tones. By using the same tones in your bathroom, there is a certain level of flow that is created to make your bathroom look and feel bigger.

Blend the Paint Color of the Walls with the Color of Tile

If you are using tile in the bathroom, you can paint the walls the same color to make tile accents really stand out. It makes the space come together and feel like it blends well to make a beautiful bathroom.

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There is no doubt that is can be tough to make a small bathroom feel bigger. One of the easiest ways to do it is with the right paint. The experts at Pacific Coast Painting & Waterproofing Co can help you choose just the right color for your bathroom and paint it to perfection. Call us today!