Eric E.

February 15, 2023

I am very pleased with the final outcome and very pleased that I chose to work with Dave over other companies.

My house is 100 years old, redwood, and I’ve never painted a house before. I interviewed four top rated painting companies listed on Yelp. When I bought my house the inspector told me that the seams needed to be scraped clean and waterproofed. The first three companies told me that the house inspector was not a painting expert and that the seams should be left with a gap and that ladders would be sufficient for my two story house. Dave gave me a very different proposal. He said that leaving a gap was for new construction and that my 100 year old redwood needed to be sealed. He encouraged me to pay for scaffolding, stating that his guys would have all day to prep and would be able to do better work in less time.

Once the painting process started it was immediately obvious that scaffolding was the only way to properly prep my house. The guys arrived every morning at 8 am and spent the entire day scraping left to right, clearing old calk between the planks and marking every nail and bolt with rust spray. My neighbors mentioned to me that they have never seen a paint company prep this way. Dave also offered to purchase the highest quality paint on the market and apply two coats with primer. What was unexpected was that Dave’s team went above and beyond by removing wood from the house that was broken or had dry-rot damage. They spent an entire day cutting wood to replace parts of my front railing, which was of non-uniform measurements and they re-nailed and replaced loose shingles in the back. We went through iterations of detailed touch-ups before the two week job was complete.