Pam S.

February 15, 2023

As someone once said on this Yelp page, what more needs to be said in addition to the other 5 star reviews? Probably not a whole lot more, but I think it’s important to take the time to write reviews for those who truly are exceptional. If one does a careful search on Google and Yelp, there really are not that many licensed painters, who have consistently good reviews. I interviewed several, and was most impressed with Dave and trusted him the most. He assured me that he was committed to doing everything right and to my satisfaction. That meant much to me. He was the only contractor, who insisted on sealing all of the vertical decorative trim, and there are many such pieces on the house. I asked other contractors about this, and they informed me that this isn’t necessary. Dave later explained to me that it’s necessary because water may get behind the decorative pieces and cause dry rot.

Indeed, to find one such as Dave is rare in any profession. Among other things, he is very detail-oriented and is a perfectionist. I recall him having a traveling filing cabinet with him, which he uses to track all of his jobs. Meticulous people are hard to come by. He’s very responsive and takes the time to help choose colors. Because I was having trouble choosing the right colors for the house, he brought various colors of paint and put them on the house. Thus, I could be assured of being happy with the colors that were chosen. Dave will paint your place as if it were his own. He has a dedicated foreman and crew that have been with him for many years. They were a pleasure to work with. I was impressed and glad to see that Dave was so involved with the job. I recall opening the door, and there he was applying sealant. I think one has to be that way if one truly cares about what one is doing. While he has been in the business for many years, he hasn’t lost his passion for it. This is more than a business to him. He truly cares about his customers, and is committed to making them happy. I can’t say that this is true for others in any other profession. Dave is an exemplar of what it means to be a true professional.

Another consideration that I had in mind in hiring Dave’s company is that it’s capable of performing dry rot repair. Everyone else that I interviewed informed me that this type of work would need to be subcontracted out. I infer that it would cost more to hire a separate company to do this type of work. Fortunately, there was only minimal dry rot repair. As a courtesy, Dave didn’t charge me for it. Moreover, he also painted my mailbox and water hose rack as a courtesy. This was a nice touch that I wasn’t expecting. They were in need of it and look so much better now.

I highly doubt that you’ll ever find anyone as honest, dedicated, and meticulous as Dave. You may think that one is just painting a house, but keep in mind that it’s a big project, and it’s important that it’s done right. The last thing one would want is to have to worry about whether it will be done to one’s satisfaction. The other issue is that there really is no practical legal remedy that makes sense in terms of time, cost and effort in the event that one is unhappy with a job. During the entire process, I never felt like I had to worry, which is a relief. The added bonus is that I was privileged to meet an exceptional individual.